Jessica, 25, illinois. turn the record over.

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I am adrift. I am on my own. No one knows me all that well. I feel good about this and will do my best to distance myself even more from people. I don’t know why this occurs to me as the thing to do, but it does. When you mix with people too much, that’s when all your troubles begin. I guess I am tired of the way people make me feel when I get too involved with them. I always seem to lose something. I don’t know if it’s bad luck, bad choices or what, but I know that I am always alright on my own. People make me hurt when I get too close to them. I don’t think it’s anything they try to do, it must be something in me. I think it’s lame to blame others for pain you’re feeling. If you can’t handle it, move on to some place you can. Well, here I am. Nowhere suits me just fine. Nowhere feels just right a lot of the time.
Henry Rollins, Smile, You’re Traveling: Black Coffee Blues Pt. 3

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